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Properties of water IDEAL

Water «IDEAL» has a number of unique properties unlike ordinary drinking water, which are acquired during the activation process.

Spa water «IDEAL» has considerable biological effect and contributes to:

• recovery of the kidneys and the entire urinary system (up to the dissolution and removal of stones);
• normalization of the digestive system;
• cure diseases of the cardiovascular system;
• arthritis and other diseases of the skeletal system;
• lung disease;
• elimination or mitigation during any allergies;
• significant improvement in the state of health while having  flu, sore throat, acute respiratory infections and a sharp decrease in the probability of complications;
• relief in the state of health when having food and other intoxication (carbon monoxide, natural gas poisoning);
• reduction of  the by-effects of medications and increase of their efficiency, increase of  the digestibility of herbal remedies and dietary supplements;
• normalization of blood pressure and cholesterol metabolism;
• improvement of the blood state;
• improvement of  sleep, normalization of weight, increase of physical activity;
• stimulating and tonic effect on the body;
• substantial relief of the human condition with serious and severe diseases of the body.

This list will be continued in the future with further research.