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How structured activated drinking water «IDEAL» affects our body (physiological mechanisms).

Water «IDEAL» penetrates into the tissues of the body and causes a range of biophysical effects:

1. recovery of  capillary circulation;
2. stimulation of  tissue transport, metabolism and energy reactions;
3. activation of immune cells work, enzymes and hormones;
4. the acceleration of the healing process;
5.influence on the processes of excitability and conduction in nerve trunks, as well as brain and spinal cord;
6. suppression of the processes of  pathogenic bacteria reproduction;
7. slowing down of the degenerative processes in the tissues, and much more.

Description of the physiological effects of water «IDEAL» comes not in ascending or descending order of importance, but in a certain logical sequence. Each effect can be more important in one case, and may have a secondary value in the  other. Everything in human body is interconnected, and different effects can be different manifestations of one common process.

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About Structured Water

In recent years, talking about the properties of water, the media often mention the term "structured water". We will try to explain here - what it means.

The structure of water is how its molecules  are organized.

Structured water is free from impurities, which is close to the structure of the liquid, which is located in the cells of plants and animals. Molecules of such water are not scattered randomly, but are coupled to each other, forming a single structure..

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