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How structured activated drinking water «IDEAL» affects our body (physiological mechanisms).

Water «IDEAL» penetrates into the tissues of the body and causes a range of biophysical effects:

1. recovery of  capillary circulation;
2. stimulation of  tissue transport, metabolism and energy reactions;
3. activation of immune cells work, enzymes and hormones;
4. the acceleration of the healing process;
5.influence on the processes of excitability and conduction in nerve trunks, as well as brain and spinal cord;
6. suppression of the processes of  pathogenic bacteria reproduction;
7. slowing down of the degenerative processes in the tissues, and much more.

Description of the physiological effects of water «IDEAL» comes not in ascending or descending order of importance, but in a certain logical sequence. Each effect can be more important in one case, and may have a secondary value in the  other. Everything in human body is interconnected, and different effects can be different manifestations of one common process.

Water «IDEAL» restores capillary circulation

Water «IDEAL» is able to restore normal operation of the capillaries quickly. Why is it very important for or us? The fact is that the blood capillaries directly deliver oxygen, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other elements which are vital to our tissues and cells.

In our organism there are approximately 100 trillion of live cells, there are 100-160 billions of capillaries and the length of the blood capillaries is about 150 thousand kilometers.

But capillaries are so narrow that erythrocytes push each other. But there is no clumping of erythrocytes, since on their surface erythrocytes have a negative electrical charge and when they collide they simply repel each other. Thus, there remains the normal flow of blood and capillaries safely perform their function.

Cells obtain oxygen, necessary substances and function normally. But there are many reasons that may disrupt capillaries: harmful chemicals from the air, water, soil and objects around us, food; household chemicals; pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and tobacco; stress; disease; harmful radiation; deficiencies of nutrients and much more. As a result, red blood cells lose their surface charge and when they collide  with each other they stick together!

If this happens within large vessels, there is hypoxia - oxygen starvation of cells, because the red blood cells carry oxygen.

And if bonding has occurred inside the capillary – it is blocked, the cells surrounding it, no longer receive oxygen and die within 5-10 minutes.

There is death (necrosis or heart attack) of tissue part and eventually a scar occurs, which no longer serves any useful work.

Over time, due to the disruption of capillaries, our living tissue is gradually replaced by micro scars, and does not carry out its work. The tissue is degrading or simply aging.

But we can see this process only on our skin. There occur decrease of elasticity of the skin. The skin changes its color and  wrinkles appear.

Aging viscera manifests itself in a variety of diseases. Impaired function of capillaries often causes hypoxia, high blood pressure, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, vegetative-vascular dystonia.

As a result, we die much earlier than we intended by nature.

But we can influence this process! Water «IDEAL» with its regular consumption very quickly restores normal negative charge on the membranes of red blood cells and hence the permeability of capillaries is restored!

Water «IDEAL» acts instantaneously and can be applied not only to restore the already broken capillaries, but also for the prevention of such violations throughout the body.

We get the treatment and prevention of thrombosis, atherosclerosis, heart attack, reducing of  high blood pressure, disappearance of headaches and improve overall health.

To normalize capillary circulation in the body it is enough to drink water «IDEAL» regularly.

Water «IDEAL» affects the electrons and ions in the body. They acquire the directional movement, which is imposed on the thermal motion.

Starting from 40-45 years a progressive decrease in the number of capillaries is observed.
This progressive drying makes anatomical and physiological basis of aging and disease.

Man becomes increasingly dry, dehydrated. It is time of rheumatic pains, neuritis, angina, atherosclerosis, hypertension. Drink more structured activated water «IDEAL»