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About Structured Water

In recent years, talking about the properties of water, the media often mention the term "structured water". We will try to explain here - what it means.

The structure of water is how its molecules  are organized.

Structured water is free from impurities, which is close to the structure of the liquid, which is located in the cells of plants and animals. Molecules of such water are not scattered randomly, but are coupled to each other, forming a single structure..

This theory of water was developed and defended in the thesis at the Institute of Biomedical Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences by Stanislav Zenin, the head of the Problem laboratory of scientific basis of traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment of the Federal Scientific Clinical and Experimental Center,  Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Stanislav Zenin proved that water is a hierarchy of regular three-dimensional structures, which are based on crystal-like "quantum of water", consisting of 57 molecules. Such a structure is energetically favorable and is destroyed with the release of free molecules only under certain conditions.

"Quantum of water" can interact with each other due to free hydrogen bonds.

At the same time, there occur formation of two types of structures, which have higher level. Their interaction with each other leads to a higher-level structures. The latter consist of 912 water molecules and are already able to maintain a stable relationship for a long time - hours and days.

This explains the high turnover of fluid consisting of enormous polymers.
Thus, the aqueous medium is like a hierarchically organized "liquid crystal". Due to the structure of this crystal there occur a record of biofield information on the  water through the  cell division. This is one of the most important parameters of water having a great importance for the human organism.

The human body 80%  consists of water. An adult organism weighing 65 kg. on the average contains about 40 liters of water. With aging, the amount of water in the human body is reduced. For comparison, in the body of a 3-month fetus - 95% of water,  in the newborn child - 75%, and to 95 years of age in the human body there is only 25% of water.

Many authors believe that one of the reasons of aging is reducing the amount of water in the body. The water used by the body, is qualitatively different from the usual  drinking water. The water contained in the body  is strictly structured.

At the same time, ordinary drinking tap water is usually a random cluster of molecules. For the necessary structuring of ordinary water, to digest at the cellular level, the body spends its energy. It is well known that water has memory, so  the information on the presence of harmful toxic impurities in water cannot be deleted during normal filtration and the water remains in fact "sick".

Curative effect of structured water is to replace the cell water with partially ruined structure on individually structured water, thus increasing the lifetime and efficiency of absolutely all human cells, as well having the beneficial effects on the whole body, allowing the body to self-extinguish internal nidus.

Today man is able to get structured water in several ways:

Natural water.
Each drop of natural water gradually seeping through the crystalline and sedimentary rocks to the surface of the earth, accumulating for centuries in rock cavities and crevices, is subject to  ultraweak effects by an alternating magnetic field of the Earth.
As a result, there occur in water liquid crystals, which have sufficient stability. Coming out to the surface, this water, which earlier had no contact with sunlight becomes more active.

Weak light exposure becomes a catalyst of a natural process which ends multilevel information structuring of water on coming out of the source. Such water is good to drink directly at the source, as it retains its properties for long.

Meltwater. Structured water can be obtained at  home by freezing and thawing of water gradually at room temperature. After thawing, gently pour the water in the decanter and pour out the sediment from the bottom of the bottle. When water freezes it pushes away all impurities. The method is simple, but time-consuming for the home environment.

Various devices for the structuring of water.
Such devices are offered on the Internet a lot but you need to ensure that this product really works.

Structured drinking water activated «IDEAL».
Thanks to the patented manufacturing technology the water retains its properties for a long time (months),  has reasonable price and is availability to a large number of consumers.

In conclusion, we want to say:

"Cell has made its choice - the choice is yours!"