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Consumption of water IDEAL

Structured Activated Drinking Water  «IDEAL» corresponds to the requirements of GOST R 52109-2003, SanPin TU 0131-001-30003183-12, does not contain excess salts and can be used daily for absolutely all ages without restrictions.

The recommended period of water IDEAL use is 25-30 days (with a daily three-time reception of 200 gr. before meals, three times a day 20-30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner). In the absence of a meal, for any reason (for example: starvation in order to lose weight, etc.) it is recommended to drink water «IDEAL» regularly.

Environmentally friendly product with unique properties to restore metabolism and balance in the body acts quite strikingly effective. Check it out. Absorption in the body takes place almost immediately after the use of «IDEAL».

With regular usage the water contributes to liquefaction of the blood,  acts as an amplifier of negative charge on our red blood cells, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease, excretion of intoxication at various stages, has a rejuvenating effect.

It is worth noting that when people tale care of their health ( clean water, balanced feeds, etc.), the fat cells bring them good, not harm, as they accumulate toxic substances, which are held from falling into the vital area .

Between three-time major taking of IDEAL water it can also be consumed in unlimited quantities, as your body needs during the day, but at least three times as it was mentioned above in the text. Drink IDEAL water a  little more than you would like to, at least for another sip and your body will thank you.

The chemical composition of water is ideal for all living things, including the human body. Water treatment and production is carried out with the use of high technology without the use of harmful additives, preservatives and other GMO.

We confidently declare that absolutely clear and useful SPA water "IDEAL» manufactured using a patented technology, makes the product more valuable primarily due to changes in its physical properties (in the production process drinking water IDEAL passes all stages of structuring and activation on the latest device" Sirius-A ").

For more than a decade of time water «IDEAL» has passed a difficult period of trials and laboratory research, testing and various R & D, checks to get a complete package of permitting documents confirming its safety (obtaining certificates of conformity and hygienic conclusions for the equipment used in the production and the product itself - Structured Drinking Activated Water  "IDEAL ".

Since 2012, water IDEAL  already has the right to be implemented on the territory of the Customs Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia).

Water «IDEAL» can  be used as you wish:

- Just drink;
- Rinse or wipe the skin of the face and body. Allow to dry naturally;
- Wash the eyes, nose;
- Drink with medicines, vitamins, dietary supplements;
- Make decoctions, infusions;
- Rinse the mouth and throat;
- Rinse hair after shampooing;
- Prepare tea and other beverages;
- Use as a basis in cosmetic purposes;

Try, experiment, and continue this list in your review!