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Creating "IDEAL" water

The idea to create a device for activation of liquid bodies came to Aliskhan Sagov more than 10 years ago. He successfully experimented with mixing of immiscible substances such as oil and water. One day A.Sagov decided to activate water. Water he produced as the result of activation process was softer and more tasty than it was before activation process and this water made him feel stronger and increased his efficiency. A.Sagov`s friends and acquaintances also tried this water and all of them without exception noticed improvement of their health. Inspirited with the good results A.Sagov began to conduct researches in Astrakhan and Moscow together with member of the Academy of Sciences Stanislav Zenin.


The positive results of the researches, highly appreciated by specialists, upgrade of equipment for water activation and a growing range of consumers of water led to the need to start industrial production of "Structured drinking activated water the «IDEAL».

Before activation process starts water goes through additional treatment with modern equipment according to the latest technology called "A-Bio". Water is bottled in 0.5 1, 5, 19l. after activation. As such the «IDEAL» water keeps its healing properties for a long time.

The "NanoAqua" company (Ltd. «NanoAqua»), has all the needed documents for the "Device for water activation" and the «IDEAL» water which allow to produce and sale this water in the Customs Union territory