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Wednesday, January 16 2019

Elena, Astrakhan

My son Kirill suffers atopic dermatitis since he was 4 month old. Traditional medicines just facilitated seasonal exacerbations, but to get rid of skin problems was not possible. At the age of 7 Kirill started to drink 3 glasses a day of the "IDEAL" water before 20-30 minutes before a meal during 1.5 months (September-October). Since November, he has cleared the skin and the whole year has passed without relapse.

Monday, February 23 2015

Alexey, Astrakhan

 Hello. I am an executive secretary working in publishing. My work is related to the constant strong mental load and stress. In the evenings I suffered fatigue and insomnia. I decided to try this water for an experiment and ordered three bottles. I drank this water for three weeks. Improvements I noticed that after drinking it during  a day I stay vital and returned restful sleep. The water has a pleasant mild taste. You can feel the difference between usual bottled office water even if its also clean but the taste is different.

Monday, February 23 2015

Nadia, Astrakhan

My feet hurt, suffering from varicose veins in addition tormented frequent headaches. Through friends learned about water, I decided to try drinking three times a day for a drink before meals for one month. As a result, the headaches went not bother as before, and his feet stopped hurting. Daughter noticed that the little veins and even deep into the left from the skin surface and become less noticeable. Enough time has passed since then (more than one year exactly) and the result has stayed with me. In our circle for many drink this water. I experienced the other believed. Because now the hype around and to be honest half of our thought about this and your water .. I am pleased with the result, more would be to forty years younger. -Thank You for everything and God grant you all good health!

Monday, February 23 2015

Vladimir, Astrakhan

Hello. Six months ago, I had the strongest allergy (so far I do not know what). Managed to please even the intensive care unit. Week was in the hospital, such as relieved - vypisali.Na next day, again a strong swelling, choking temperature. Caused "emergency" are again offered to go to the hospital. I refused. Decided to try the water as medicine did not help. Temperature returned to normal in a day, swelling and itching went through 2-3 days. Propyl course completely. Now eat and drink anything, anything does not deny. I feel great, and what you want.

Monday, February 23 2015

Bibinur, Astrakhan

Bibinur, Astrakhan I am 52 years. Water "IDEAL" consume a little more than six months. Drink at any time, in any amount, only observing the rule "do not take it within 30 min. Before and after eating." Water is delicious, easy to drink. After undergoing surgery in 2010. have digestive problems, had to reduce significantly the consumption of fruits and vegetables. 2 weeks after receiving the waters noticed that problems will gradually disappear. Now I eat vegetables and fruits in unlimited quantities, reduce the amount of junk food. I work sitting in a closed room, used to be frequent headaches, insomnia. Now do not bother headaches, insomnia disappeared completely, have become much faster than before to heal minor wounds, cuts, etc. In general, I can confidently say that the state of health with the consumption of water has improved markedly, the mood - too. Before you start to drink water, briefed her husband and daughter doctor-chemist with a description of the composition and properties of water, experts unanimously confirmed that from drinking water will only benefit. Water will continue to drink, for further positive changes will write.

Monday, February 23 2015

Galina, Astrakhan

Agree water "ideal" for more than three months and literally on the third day I started receiving exacerbation of chronic diseases: the first to know about themselves gave thyroid, then hemorrhoids appendages .... After a month of receiving water "IDEAL", to my great surprise, which disappeared above symptoms, pain, fatigue, malaise, one kidney was the work better and cope with different loads, lost the need to go to hospital, earlier I did every three months. Now I feel like a different person, there was a lot of energy, as if the body rejuvenated. I took up belly dancing, a lot of time to devote to children and hiking with them in a swimming pool, cinema. I wound it all could not afford, and not because of the fact that not enough time, but just did not have the strength. I am very pleased with the results, the water "IDEAL" continue to drink and I advise it to do all my friends and colleagues. Heartfelt thanks to you!

Monday, February 23 2015

Marina, Astrakhan

- I saw earlier this water, took mainly for rinsing the face, had good reason. After removing makeup, washing up before going to bed, I pulled the skin, there was a feeling of dryness and so on ... I have recommended to wipe the face moist swabs (cotton pad) soaked in water this ideal. Detail everything figured out and they told me about the properties of water (if the producers did not have water ideal description of this site) and recommended that the person left wet and give water "Ideal" absorbed without wiping towel dry. That's what I did ... -Results Literally - on the face! More precisely I have it there and reflected, I did not expect such an effect, in such a short period of time, but on the third day of my friends began to notice it and give me compliments about the freshness of my face. Further son teen years has wiped 12.5 (face pimples puberty) in son for a couple or three days everything disappeared, and became again Gorny peel. Water is certainly not cheap, but health is more expensive, and my son and I just tried to drink it, for myself, as a preventive measure. Their feelings can not describe, so in addition to the above: - peaceful sleep back (before long tossed), after work, recover faster, you can still many things to list, but I will not ... - Can everyone differently, and who was it interesting, and who thinks of himself - he will try and check myself. Everything is relative. I was told that it the more you drink the better the result, I took the recommended per adult economy. rate of 15-20 liters per month. -Poverte, I would not engage in advertising something, just asked me to leave your review I left him. Result and my opinion and I will not impose his. That something like this ... Thank you to all of you and good luck!

Monday, February 23 2015

Katya22, Astrakhan

Drank water - one glass (200 g.) Because they say treats angina told ... More drank the morning on an empty stomach and at work until the evening spinning .. In the evening I was reminded about my sore throat yesterday .. 'I suddenly realized that during the night all I have passed, but udivitilno fakt.I tumor Soron one that was in my throat - also passed .. Cool

Monday, February 23 2015

Ksenya, Astrakhan

I found out about this water from my friends. I have oil  type of face skin and I often have acne. During one monthh I drank the "IDEAL" water in the morning and in the evening. The result  got is amazing! All disadvantages of my scin are disappeared and I am very happy!

Monday, February 23 2015


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