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1. Question: Why does water «IDEAL» cost more than usual drinking water?

Answer: Let's start with the fact that health - is priceless, but let's count: for example, 5 liter of IDEAL costs 300 rub. It turns out that 1 liter costs 60 rub. In Astrakhan, the average price of ordinary drinking water of world’s well-known companies is about 30 rubles for 0.5 liter, i.e. 1 liter costs 60 rubles, even though all these waters do not have healing and preventive properties IDEAL.

And if we talk about such brands as Perrier and Vittel (European natural water), it costs 50-60 rubles for 0.5 liter! Prevention is always cheaper than treatment! Water «IDEAL» has a very reasonable price and is available for almost everyone.

2. Question: How can I make sure that the water «IDEAL» corresponds to the declared properties and quality?

Answer: «IDEAL» water quality has been certified by the State Registration of the water and the Declaration of Conformity. Quality control of each batch produced is regularly performed. To verify the properties of water, you can check its own analysis before and after the use of «IDEAL». Properties of water are confirmed by the reviews of people who already drank «IDEAL».